i confused for posting my blog.
and i have idea.take picture my shoes.
im so love my shoes.
and i buy in malay and shenzhen,
emmmm.i think my shoes like high heels,but its oke,i can use that,haha

sorry bad webcam T___T

sneakers high heels! yeah im love that.
buy in shenzen!

oke bad webcam -___-

ahay!boots,not "boots" (monkey) in dora
 buy in malaysia~

sorry if my english so bad,i think im change my language in blog

~ sabrina = 3 = ~


hey. thx for ur comment :) come n visit again, please :D
thx before.


nice blog :)


ahaha the photos are really funny

i love your quirky style

that's really cool!!! :D great blog!

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